Questions & Introduction

I was born a sinner and will die my human death as a sinner.  There is nothing that I can do to change this.  It is the curse of Adam carried down through generations to me.

In the name of self importance and selfishness, I’ve done horrible things in my life.  Things that I am so ashamed of that I can’t even speak with my wife about them due to my sheer embarrassment.

So what are the base questions?  What, why, where, who, and how.

What – Salvation.  It’s the only way to get out alive with Eternal Life

Why – This is an odd question.  There is no really great answer to this.  It’s so vague it can’t be answered when asked by itself.

Where – Heaven, Earth, and Hell

Who – God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Satan, and us

How – Through The Word!

It’s these things that I plan on discussing through my blog here.  I’ve been trying to plan this out for awhile now and the I AM finally had to give me a strong nudge today to get writing.

This will be a weekly blog where I’ll discuss everything from Sunday School to The Book of Revelation.  I will be as open and honest as I can possibly be with you about my feelings, where I get information or how you can find more info.

Next week we’ll begin with our first topic which will be ‘Salvation’

Thanks and we’ll chat next week!!


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