Slapped in the Head while in Rush Hour

So this morning, I’m cruising along in morning rush hour, making sure I hit my lane changes where I need them, and basically avoiding the other morons (myself included) on the outer-belt.

Often times I’ll think about my writing and what I’m looking for in a subject for a novel.  What grabs my attention.  As an avid reader, I always start with what would grab my attention then progress to what would really grab the reader.

A pastor looking over a river from his backyard.  Sitting in a lawn chair looking out as the lazy water goes by under the early moonlight of dusk.  Suddenly a hand rests on his shoulders.  He looks at the hand and see the spike marks.

“Sweet Mother Mary and Joseph!”

“Yes my son, I miss them too.”

Whoa.  Just whoa.  We never think about it.  His mother, Mary, had to mourn the loss of her son when her was crucified.  We aren’t really sure about Joseph because no indication is really given as to when he passed.

The reverse aspect is also true though, Jesus had to mourn the loss of his mother when He was crucified because He was leaving the Earth.

I immediately thought of my parents and their passing.  I lost my father first to cancer and then my  mother two years later to what I believe was a series of TIA strokes (these are the types that don’t always present).

Man, was I angry.  After so many years of my father and I not getting along, we were doing awesome, only to have him yanked away from me.  Then my mom (being 14 years younger than my next sibling, I was a mamma’s boy) having these many strokes, forgetting how to swallow, and basically starving to death.

Mad is an understatement. Furious. Enraged. King Kong, nitrous fueled anger.  

Then this morning, on just another Friday, driving into the office, He speaks to me.  He took that split second in time to grasp my shoulder and say, “You’re not alone.”

I think that we tend to think of Him as, well, HIM, and tend to forget that he was also Jesus Christ.  He could die, He could bleed, He could feel.

Take those few moments this morning and remember that, yes, the King of Kings, Hosanna, Son of God, and Jesus can feel pain and suffering also.  That you aren’t alone in that battle.  You aren’t alone in that pain when family or friend is ripped from you.

That he is there, hand on your shoulder, sharing your pain. 

I love you all and remember if you need to talk, I’m here for you.


A Dad


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