Friday….A Secret Confession

So here we are on Friday and I’ve only posted a photo this week.  I’m such a slacker.

I have my first post planned out for the Revelation Series which will be called “Revelation – The Prequel”.  I’ll let you stew on the that title for awhile 😀

Some of you may know that I’m a published author and poet but I don’t want to share my name.  I want this blog to be about our shared Faith and Journey and not my prior writing.

I had planned on writing a novel about Revelation and a Pastor that was left behind during the Rapture but that didn’t quite fit the calling that I’ve experienced.  Along with sharing my journey on the Blog, the Holiest of Holies has called me to share my writing gift with the word in a very specific manner.

For quite awhile after receiving the calling, I hemmed and hawed about what my story was going to be so I went back to my old tried and true, the apocalypse.  We know the word Revelation in Greek is ‘apokalypsis’ so I figured I’d head there.  As I wrote, the chapters became more and more convoluted.  More ex machina than I cared for. In the literary world this means special things happening to ‘save’ the characters.  It stems from deus ex machina which roughly means ‘save by god’s intervention’.  Not our God though.  This is ancient Latin referring to a Greek performance.

Basically the writing was forced and I wasn’t happy about it.  I’m probably going to toss the ten chapters to never look at them again.

Now, that being said, I am a HUGE reader.  It’s not uncommon for me to read five books in a week, therefore I have Kindle Unlimited through Amazon.  I read all the Revelation based stories that interested me (there are some stinkers out there).  I then stumbled onto something I never thought I’d read.

Christian Cozy Mysteries

This is my secret.  Deep and dark, I love these stories about Grandmothers who solve crimes or young women who fall in love while solving mysteries.  Christian based clean fiction that’s a fun mystery with humor.

With that being said, that’s where I’m headed.  A male point of view Christian Cozy Mystery.

Now you know my deep dark secret.  I love these stories.  Stories I believe my mother read because the one series has the actual recipes referenced in the story in the back of the book! Bonus!

That’s it for today folks.  Just thought I’d bare my soul a little bit.

Love each other, take each day one step at a time, and never forget He loves you no matter what!

A Dad


PS. – If you are interested in this type of story check out the author Hope Callaghan!



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