Revelation – The Prequel (Part 1)

Revelation 21:1

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.

In looking at the end of Revelation, after the Millennial Reign of Christ, we know that God will destroy the Earth and rebuild it the way it should have been without sin.  Pretty clear, right?

What about the first time?  What first time?

Folks, I hate to say it but this has happened before.


The Great Flood was something very similar but today instead of talking about the Great Flood (see Part 2).

If I asked any of you who our we are descended from originally you’d say Adam and Eve but I would also say that there is someone more important and that is Noah.





What a paternal lineage!!  Enoch walked the Heavens with God and never died.  He like Elijah, was taken to Heaven to live with God.  Why?  They will become the Two Prophets in the first three and a half years of the Tribulation.

Methuselah, one of the wisest men to ever walk the Earth.  He lived to be the age of 969 years old and died only days before the Great Flood.

Lamech, Noah’s father.  He provided his son with a name that was most appropriate, Noah, which means peace or comfort.

Noah. What can one say about Noah.  It has been estimated that the population of the Earth prior to the Great Flood was One Billion.  God was only able to find one man who had the Faith to please him.  One man to build and Ark.  One man to shepherd the creatures when God delivered them.  One man selected to ride out 371 days in hurricane or worse seas in a barge with no propulsion or steering.

His only company was his wife, sons, and their wives.  This is amazing.  One man to listen when the population most likely was somewhere in the neighborhood of one billion (I’ve seen the math, it’s not unreasonable).

In Part 2, next week, we’ll discuss why the Earth was flooded and what happened in a little more detail.

Have an awesome day!!!

A Dad


PS: As always, reach out if you need to!  I’m here to chat!



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